Fiona Devaux, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about her experience at University of Birmingham.

As the second city of England, Birmingham has come a long way from the industrial era! After numerous refurbishment investments, the city has become dynamic and young.

Photos and text by Fiona Devaux

Professors are highly qualified and working in multicultural teams is unique and rewarding. It is not easy to mix with local or international students, but if you make an effort, you will live a vibrant experience!

The city is ideally located: in the heart of the Midlands. You can reach any major city of England or Wales within 2 or 3 hours by train or coach. You can go on exciting daytrips as often as you wish to discover the British history, cooking, culture and people. Make the most of it!

In a red brick environment, the University of Birmingham campus includes everything you need: PC clusters everywhere, sport structures including a swimming pool, food facilities, book shop, banks etc.

The Guild of Students gives you the opportunity to get involved in what you like: photography, music and even Harry Potter!

The Bullring is the main commercial area, offering you a wide variety of options for shopping, clubbing, eating without the price tag


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