Natacha Durand, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about her experiences at Copenhagen Business School.


What could I say to sum up the 6 months I have spent in Copenhagen? Maybe I should not because this experience needs to be entirely narrated. Even better, lived.

Discovering Copenhagen and the Danes were an everyday surprise. Even in the cold and short days of winter, I could find some warmth, around a Carlsberg with friends experiencing the Danish concept of “hygge”. The “hygge” could be described as well as coziness inside your place and as spending a good time with people you care about around a cup of coffee or a meal. In Copenhagen, the hygge is everywhere: at CBS’s cafeteria, in the dorms, in the metro, in the malls, in the cafés, in the night parties of the Kødbyen… Many of my best memories are made with the bike-arounds, getting lost, enjoying the many parks and waterfronts, discovering new places and adoring this amazing Nordic capital.

All of it make me say: “I hygge Denmark”!

Photos and text by Natacha Durand 

Copenhagen Business School is the biggest business school in Denmark, with very dedicated students. They can major in many different subjects: French civilization, finance, management of creative companies.. The premises are light and you definitely feel the hygge!


You know you are in Denmark because you do not understand what people say around you! The Danish language is very melodious but so difficult to pronouce ! It was easier for people who speaks German, unfortunately it was not my case so I gave up after a while! It did not really matter, because the Danes all speak perfectly English!



One of my class was called “The Fine Art of Leadership” and it was a class to discuss the management & the leadership styles. It was a general experimentation, we tried to find new creative ways to motivate staff, re enchant a place or how to approach a problem in a different way. Time spent with my teacher Dave Barry was delightful and full of surprises ! The classes took place in “The Studio”, a house used only for this class, where everything is made to stimulate new ideas and our creativ


Originally a country of Vikings, the Empire of Denmark was one of the richer and more powerful empires many centuries ago. Now Denmark is still a “rich” country with a commitment in the service industry and special taste for design. Danes are “the happiest people” in the world!


Nyhavn, probably one of the must sees in Copenhagen! Crowded during the spring and summer time, the Danes usually go there to enjoy the sun and have a beer.


Den Lille Havfrue is a tale written by Hans Chistian Andersen. This is another must see in Copenhagen, even though it is quite small and distanced from the city harbor!


Nørrebro is the “in” district of Copenhagen. Danes just walk around having brunch or shopping in second hand shops, and all of it, biking! On Thursdays in order to celebrate the weekend coming up, they sat down and have beer with their friends stating 4:30


Black Diamond is an extension of the Royal Library and one of the many architectural masterpieces in Copenhagen. You can study, have a lunch or just enjoy the waterfront view. During the winter time, the canal is frozen and the sunsets are breath-takingly beautiful

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5 responses to “STUDY ABROAD / INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE : Denmark, Copenhagen

  1. What a wonderful concept, hygge……What a great seed for education!

  2. Mark Thomas

    It is wonderful, isn’t it? Natacha was an excellent student in Grenoble and I am not suprised that she was so enthusiastic at Copenhagen Business School which is a great partner to work with.
    Thank you for commenting, Graham.


  4. It sounds like an awesome experience.

    I’m currently applying for a university in DK via – I really look forward too it!

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