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Natacha Durand, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about her experiences at Copenhagen Business School.


What could I say to sum up the 6 months I have spent in Copenhagen? Maybe I should not because this experience needs to be entirely narrated. Even better, lived.

Discovering Copenhagen and the Danes were an everyday surprise. Even in the cold and short days of winter, I could find some warmth, around a Carlsberg with friends experiencing the Danish concept of “hygge”. The “hygge” could be described as well as coziness inside your place and as spending a good time with people you care about around a cup of coffee or a meal. In Copenhagen, the hygge is everywhere: at CBS’s cafeteria, in the dorms, in the metro, in the malls, in the cafés, in the night parties of the Kødbyen… Many of my best memories are made with the bike-arounds, getting lost, enjoying the many parks and waterfronts, discovering new places and adoring this amazing Nordic capital.

All of it make me say: “I hygge Denmark”!

Photos and text by Natacha Durand 

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